It’s time to book into Dignitas

What world we live in today. Half of my friends are getting married and having kids, the other half are running around catching Pokemon. We have a new unelected Prime Minister who I wouldn’t trust to preside over a toddler’s birthday party let alone run a country. Bad apples in the American police are showing that they have a total lack of discipline potentially causing a race war, only to be compounded by mentally unstable polar opposites who think the best idea is to then go out and shoot other police officers.

Our world seems to currently be on a severe downward spiral to chaos. We have Daesh/ISIS running around the middle east coming up with the most imaginative ways to execute men women and children, North Korea is basically one large concentration camp, the EU is having a mid-life crisis with an angry teenage Britain that wants to move out, America is potentially about to elect a retarded version of Hitler, they are also about 2 gunfights away from a full blown race war and as usual its pissing it down in summer time. I wonder how we would act as a planet if our average life expectancy was 1000 years and we were being attacked by aliens. We would be far more worried about our long term problems and working together instead of this constant narrative of looking after your own isolationism.

One of my big gripes is the machine gun wielding, black clad psychopaths with imaginary friends running around the middle east executing anyone that doesn’t toe their line. I have read and seen horrendous things. Children being crucified, men being blown up in various ways, burning people alive, drowning human beings in a cage with cameras attached to it so they catch every painful, panic filled, terrifying last seconds of those men’s lives, crushing people’s heads with rocks, stoning’s, being thrown off buildings, decapitations, the list goes on. Now one could argue that due to our involvement in the Iraq war, you know that one that the Chilcott inquiry just said essentially we didn’t need to have? We are partly responsible for this, we caused a massive power vacuum and we had no long term plan with what to do once we had gone in and remove Saddam and his government.  So now ISIS are running around trying to create their own little backwards country. Please explain why on earth we are letting this carry on? I know it’s not only this issue, we could pick any horrendous violation of human rights like North Korea, certain places within Africa, Mexican drug cartels, the list goes on.

Yet most of the world stands idly by. Not too fussed because it doesn’t directly affect them. After discovering the concentration camps we said never again will this happen. Erm guys, it is. It is happening, in various formats around the world.

Why as a planet do we allow these people and groups to carry on in such a manner. I’d like to think if Theresa May forgot to take her pills and started publicly executing anti-fox hunters and supporters of gay marriage at least one country would go hold on a minute, we should probably give those poor sods a hand. Yes, we have sent some drones, planes and special forces over to support local opposition in Syria and Iraq and I know it’s not a clear cut situation but do we, as a responsible country, stand up and say we won’t stand for that and go and put boots on the ground. I am well aware that one outcome of this would be some loss of British lives and the argument will be its not our problem, but it is, we helped created it and the fact that as human beings we should help those in need.

The other day I was standing at the entrance to Barnet Hospital when I heard a commotion about 50 meters away in the car park. A lady began to shout for someone to get security. I could see one man leaning into a car and screaming and most people just standing and watching. So I walked across to find a man in his 50’s screaming and shouting at an elderly lady sat in her car. What had transpired was the man was waiting to reverse into this disabled parking spot and the elderly lady had failed to see him and pulled into the space. So ok the British thing to do would be to tut, mutter wanker under your breath then drive around for twenty minutes looking for another parking space. Hell no, this bloke went full Gordon Ramsey on this poor old dear and managed to fire of a string of expletives longer than the Geneva convention at her and when the old lady had dare try to show her disabled parking badge to him he snatched it off her then viciously threw it back. So at this point I and a few other people shouted at him to calm the fuck down with a bit more gusto and he turned round and realised myself and a stocky nurse were stood behind him looking none too pleased and that he had gathered the attention of most of the car park. Then it begins, oh but I’ve got this wrong with me, my wife’s disabled I’m stressed. Yeah mate it’s a hospital, it’s not like people come here for a nice day out, I shit in a bag, get over it. Most people here have something wrong with them. I informed the fella that regardless of whether the older lady had nicked his space or not, his reaction was totally unjustified and uncalled for. Luckily security arrived and escorted the bloke away leaving the older lady in tears being comforted by hospital staff. The problem was there was at least 20 people much closer than me standing by doing nothing but watch. The nurse that got involved walked about as far as I did to get involved. Yes, it’s a smaller scale but we as people seem to be quite happy just to stand by while others harmed in some way. I know I’m drawing a comparison between two drastically different situations and I’m not suggesting we set up SAS teams in hospital car park bushes to call in apaches for car park road rage.

We are a funny planet. We aren’t perfect but its home. So for the time being we better make the most of it, look after it and look after each other. We need to stop killing people because their views are different from ours. However, that being said, if there are people that refuse to give that up and are adamant they will kill people that don’t agree with them, then let’s wipe them off the earth because in the long run they will only be a negative impact on humanity. Everyone should have freedom of choice, worship, expression, speech, love and every other choice a human should have.

Ah well. My biggest problem this week is I’ve spent most of my wages and we are in a long month. I’ve got about £20 to get me through the next 3 weeks. Good times.

Until the next instalment of hate, don’t assault old ladies in car parks or join ISIS.


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