Stalag 13D


(in a suitable norther accent) day 8 in the big brother hospital and hastie is again trying to work out was of escape from this secure prison for sick people. Yes people I’ve been in day 8 and I am now only finiding the energy/possibility to write a quick cheeky blog post just so you know how I’m doing. I intend to do much more detailed daiky ones with hindsight when I get out of here and have my laptop so any rediculous spellings and errors on here you can out down to auto correct. I’ve lost a fee kg, I weigh 78 kg today which is still alrite but I wanna bulk back up. Managed to stomach some corn flakes for the first time today for brekkie and am now vegging out on my bed watching this wonder of a weekend sail by. I’m so gutted I’m not in a sunny beer garden surrounded by friends, but soon :).

I’m currently waiting to have my wounds dressed as they are a bit weepy, need a clean and that’s it. My stoma has kicked into over drive after not working for 4 days. I had major fucking dramas with all sorts of leaks yesterday. Went through 4 bags.

I have a little build up of fluid in my pelvis which should either just be dealt with by my body or may need aspiriating if its causing a problem. Other than that just gotta est sleep and drink over the weekend back up to a normal level.and could be looking at escaping.

I’m so gratefully for all the people who have expressed their support for me and been there for me through this little bit of my roller coaster life.  I’ve got such good friends and I realise that so much now. I hope that I can only repay them with deeds of the same value one day.

“once more into the fray my friend;
To live and die today,
To live and die today.”


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