Future Prospects

One thing I’m looking forward to, other than not living inside a toilet cubicle anymore, is going out and applying for jobs I want to do. However, this is still quite bitter sweet for me as all I ever wanted to do since a young kid was join the army and be a soldier. I wanted to be in the infantry, at the sharp end of the sword so to speak. At the time of my diagnosis I was in the process of starting to apply for the Royal Marines Reserves (RMR) whilst at uni. I had been training hard physically in the gym, funnily enough not putting on a lot of muscle mass (all clear in hindsight though). Now I was noticing I was having a harder and harder time in the gym, I was running out of steam quicker than an asthmatic paedophile in a playground, and in hindsight, I was going to the loo a lot more than normal so in the course of things I’ve seen my consultant and eventually a conclusion was reached that I was suffering from Crohn’s disease. I was literally about to send off the application paperwork before I got diagnosed (oh did I mention, I only went to university to get a degree so I could join as an officer). So I get home and think “hrmmm better have a quick check on the interwebs and see what the army has to say about this crohn’s disease malarkey” Low and behold it is on their list of “not allowed” medical conditions. After having a good root around and researching it I found that trying to get into the army with crohn’s is like trying to stop the priests from molesting choir boys, it’s just not going to happen.

So as you can see this threw a large fucking spanner in my works as it totally took the rug from under my feet and whatever direction and motivation I had in my life away from me. All I had ever want to do was join the army, I fucking lived and breathed it. Now the closest I’m going to get is sitting on my xbox playing Battlefield 3 spending most of my time being slaughtered by 12 year old American kids who have probably already been accepted into the US army and this is their basic training. Either that or paintballing. Either way, it’s not exactly the real deal. The remaining problems are that any jobs I have any interest in doing either may not let me in because of my condition and future surgery or if they do, I may only be able to do restricted duties, saying that I don’t know, I haven’t properly researched it yet so I may eat my words at a later date. One other job I have an interest in doing is maybe the police, however, after an initial bit of conversation with one of their medical officers at the very least, I’m going to have to jump some hurdles, and as for having an ileostomy, it will be a whole new ball game I need to ask them about also.

In life though, one door closes and another one opens, so I am now having to look at doing other jobs. There are still a couple I may be able to do that interest me, I still love design and working in jewellery. I may just get back into that with a vengance, saying that who knows, I could decide to become a magician and become world famous and get a job doing shows in Vegas, mutilating unsuspecting audience members when I fail to cut them in half properly. It’s all about looking at the positive sides of it all and staying focused on that. All I try and think about is all the things I can’t do now, but WILL be able to do after. I mean I am DYING to get fit again. I mean disgustingly fit. I want to be SAS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Air_Service) selection fit. Just because I can’t join, doesn’t mean I can’t be as fit as I should be to do so. I want to take up numerous martial arts from kendo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendo) to krav maga (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krav_Maga).

All in good time though, I need to learn to walk again before I can run.


One thought on “Future Prospects

  1. This is something I can relate to. When I got diagnosed I had just finished university and was about to start getting my fitness up to apply for the royal naval reserves. I had wanted to join the navy for most my life and suddenly it was taken away over night. I don’t think it helps that i was in the university royal naval unit so a fair number of people I went to uni with are now living the life I wanted. 3 years later I have pretty much moved on but still get those pangs of jealousy and bitterness that I’m unable to do something I loved so much. Xx

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